Student Opportunities

Chestertown, the Chesapeake Bay region, and Washington College offer unique opportunities for students who love American history. History comes alive here along the roads and waterways once traveled by colonists and Civil War soldiers, Native American hunters and fugitive slaves. Yet we’re only a short trip from the world-famous cultural sites and vibrant urban life of Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia, and other great American cities.

Road Trips

The Starr Center offers an array of unique opportunities for Washington College students. Special events and free weekend “road trips” to historic sites around the region draw participants from many different academic departments, and bolster the College’s traditional strengths in history, American studies, art, political science, and related fields.

On-Campus Internships

Competitive internships and fellowship programs have awarded students thousands of dollars in grant money for independent research, travel, and writing on topics from the the history and psychology of magic, to the writings of H.L. Mencken, to an oral history of racial integration in the local public schools.

Explore America Summer Internships

The Starr Center also serves as a portal to a world of opportunities beyond campus – from voyages aboard Chestertown’s 1768 Schooner Sultana to internships at places like the Smithsonian Institution, George Washington’s Mount Vernon, and elsewhere. 

Quill & Compass Scholarships

Awarded to incoming students with demonstrated interest and achievement in history, American studies, politics, and other related fields.

HolStein program in ethics

The Holstein Program in Ethics supports opportunities for students, faculty, and staff, and alumni to apply an ethos of integrity and public service to hands-on programs on campus and in the community.